Leah grew up in Belleville, Ontario and was one of two Deaf daughters in a family of 5. She attended the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf and has since earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Arts Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology. She’s built her career as a photographer and graphic designer and loves using her creative skills to develop ASL art, and educational materials for the ASL community to use and learn from.  A huge advocate for Deaf awareness, she works with municipalities to provide training and education to staff about creating a truly accessible set of resources and not just meeting, but exceeding the needs of Deaf individuals and families. Leah enjoys teaching ASL to intervenors, families and the community. She is a mentor and social promoter who cares deeply for the success of accessibility programs because she sees the direct and deep impact their success has on the lives and well being of the community.

Leah co-founded S5WAVES, a community organization located in Kingston. S5WAVES strives to organize and host community events which are designed and tailored by their membership’s needs. It is their hope that these hosted events will create business for local Deaf and HOH individuals and artists, as well as other community nonprofits and charity organizations.

Leah is an Outreach Director for the Ontario Cultural Society for the Deaf (OCSD). Our Community Outreach Program aims to respond to the massive challenge of bringing awareness, education, and training to the forefront of organizations, businesses, schools, and even individuals. It is imperative that we bring together Deaf and hearing communities and work collaboratively with people and companies to advance our society’s understanding and knowledge of each other and how we can enhance our qualities of life as a whole. Our goal is to increase every person’s knowledge of accessibility, resources, and accommodation for the Deaf community.