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Happy clients... ‘the life of a GYMNAST family”

I spent a couple hours with the Amey family, in the comfort of their home. I was quietly in the background, nudged by their sweet dog occasionally.  Upon my arrival, they were doing a puzzle together. A favourite quiet game before their day fills with gymnastic workout. Mom fed the girls snacks, brushed J’s hair into a bun. She then strapped on K; kinesio tape to keep her ankle strong. J spent a little time building Lego from her Christmas advent calendar with mom. And then J had homework, write about her adventure with Snoopy over the weekend. It was then time to head out to the gym. I rode with them to Trillium Gymnastics. We were scheduled specifically at a time that allows me in the room to take pictures of the girls doing their workout.

It’s amazing to see how strong and hard working these girls are. I was blown away with their skills on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercises. The girls go there daily and it shows!

With their package deal, they received an album of their adventure to remember and enjoy with family and friends to come.

Photo credit: Kerri Amey



CUPE 2073-CHS - After being presented with multiple options for negotiating a settlement that would address their stated concerns, the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) has rejected all offers for settlement, leaving the union with no choice but to commence strike action on Monday morning.

Local 2073 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 2073), which represents 227 counsellors, literacy instructors, audiologists, speech language pathologists, interpreters/interpreter trainers, clerical support, program coordinators, program assistants, information technology specialists and other staff at 24 Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) offices across Ontario, has been without a contract since 2013.

“The four years that are being discussed at the table are in the past, we are trying to put them behind us,” said President of CUPE 2073, Stacey Connor. “We wanted to wrap this up and set the stage so that we could negotiate the next contract to move forward. It is unfortunate that we find ourselves being forced out onto the picket line rather than working together on a settlement that moves us forward.”

Taken in Kingston on 1300 Bath Rd.



SABLE Kingston & Amber organizer of the rally hosted #YGKWomensMarch marching in solidarity with women's struggles all over the world, for human's rights and for inclusion. LOVE is stronger than hate.

On a personal note, I was so happy to be part of this movement and believed in support for access, disability and human rights. Unfortunately there were no interpreters present. We are supposed to be supportive of EVERYONE. Moving forward, I hope we ALL work TOGETHER.



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at City Hall in Kingston today. 800 people pre-registered for 250 seats. There was NO guarantee my seat near the ASL interpreters would be available to me, so I arrived at 11am (first in line)! At the assembly, people had their say, many questions asked, positive and negative points brought to his attention. The interpreters did an awesome job relaying the audience and Justin`s comments. I anxiously awaited an opportunity to have my say, missed chances. If I did, I had prepared to say this...

"I quote Minister Carla Qualtrough "working on reshaping the landscape for Canadians with disabilities and create an accessible Canada together".

There is a strong need for a National Accessibility Disability Law across Canada. Every province and territory has strength in some of expectations for disability protection but it is not uniform across Canada. One province strength for wheelchair access, but not Deaf/HOH rights such as interpreter support, closed caption everywhere and making ASL/LSQ official language of Canada. It’s the same for the Blind, Autism, Learning Disability, PTSD and more, in each province and territory. It varies and should be equally same for all across Canada. In order to have the National Canadian Accessibility Law, it fosters equality and inclusiveness, brings us closer to a more accessible Canada. It will bring positive attitude from non-disabled people because it does not now."

Ontario Interpreters: Kym Murray and Courtney Drummond



"Oh Santa! Thank You, I've been good all year!"
Been waiting to post this cutie since November`s Holiday mini sessions! A surprise Christmas gift for the man's sweetheart, they will remain anonymous as requested. Lots of laughter was had trying to pose the two little gerbils, only they were busy scurrying around the setup. This one gave me quite a story!